Talking (big) pants, falling over and running up hill!

A flashback to how I was feeling in November 2013…

How’s everyone’s training going? For me, I’ve had something of a breakthrough this week… well, more than one I guess.

Firstly, two of my runs this week have felt faster.. sadly they weren’t but the fact they felt it tells me I’m feeling stronger and the whole thing is less of an ordeal. Indeed I’ve even been able to give a little thought to posture, foot strike, cadence on hills – as opposed to just keeping moving! Plus I’ve had a little something left for a strong finish – happy days.

I’ve also noticed that, without a doubt, running is keeping me (fairly) sane! Within minutes of being out I feel better – clear headed and less stressed and, well, more like ‘me’!


And so to the pants… It’s officially time to ditch the Bridget Jones pants I have sported through late pregnancy and beyond. Why? They are now too big! On hearing this news Mr LCHL imagined a return of the lovely undies I used to sport pre Lily. Sadly I didn’t quite make it back into them between pregnancies so they’ll be languishing in the cupboard a little longer. However, I am downsizing :o)

I used to train a group of beginner runners and as they gained fitness & strength, they would ask – How do I run faster? (Answer, train faster) and How do I get better at running up hills? (Answer – run up more hills!).. Obviously there is more to it than that with different training techniques but that is largely the underpinning requirement. With this in mind I embarked on a repeat of last weeks long run, with an extra bit added on, for my roast.

WIthout a shadow of a doubt, this week was easier. Was it because I’d already done it so I knew I could? Or was it connected to my earlier comments about feeling stronger? I don’t know but I do know I walked A LOT less… Ultimately my current aim is to run the length of Burgess Road without walking at all. I definitely made progress today (slowly) running a lot more of it. And I focussed on posts – lamp posts, sign posts, bus stops, anything to tick off my progress up the hill. Knowing I was running more of the hill than I had just 7 days ago was a fabulous mental boost… I almost can’t wait to do it again next week…. almost!


And so, to my little accident this week. With all this running, it’s ironic that I fall and skin my knee, not whilst running.. Oh no.. Whilst warming for a circuit class.. That’ll teach me a few things. 1) Don’t get distracted by a friends cute little girl 2) Pick my feet up – especially when side stepping and 3) be more sympathetic to Lily next time she falls over and skins her knee… It blooming hurts!

How about you? I love to hear your feedback – what’s going well, what’s a little tougher.. What are you training for and how’s it going?


6 thoughts on “Talking (big) pants, falling over and running up hill!”

  1. Hi Liz

    Am really interested in your exercise blog particularly the post pregnancy bits. Since having Toby I’ve managed to lose a stone and a half but also really wanted to increase my fitness. I’ve taken up my riding lessons again and was trying to go to the gymn three times a week aswell as walking to school three times a day. I was really enjoying how it made me feel. I also felt more motivated with healthy eating. Unfortunately the guilt has crept in and I felt that I was constantly asking my mum to look after Henry. I now am only riding once a week and love looking after henry but i miss the feeling exercise gave me. How do you fit your exercise in with lily and Florence? Should I feel guilty and how much exercise should I be doing for it to impact on my fitness ? Hope you’re ok. X


    1. Hi Sharon

      Lovely to hear from you. To be honest fitting it around the girls is my biggest challenge!

      I do Buggies on a Monday while Lily is at pre school and Flo just sits in the buggy and watches/sleeps.

      Tuesdays I run as soon as Phil gets home (usually after 7.30pm) as I’m training for a half marathon. Wednesdays is a rest day, Thursdays Mum comes over in the afternoon so I can squeeze a run in while she watches the girls. If she doesn’t come over I run later when Phil gets home like on a Tuesday. Fridays are a rest day although I occasionally do buggies. Saturdays and Sundays are easier as Phil is home so I can train whenever it fits..

      I know what you mean about the guilt. When I’m training I always have in my mind what I ‘should’ be doing. However, I had bad PND after Lily and exercising helped and is helping massively this time round so I see it as a good thing for everyone. After all, if I’m ill everyone suffers!!

      You shouldn’t feel guilty though Sharon. Mums do SO much for others but if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t look after them!

      As far as your fitness levels, anything is better than nothing but at least 20 minutes 5 times per week of exercise that raises your heart rate and gets you puffed out & sweaty is ideal. You sound reasonably active so in all honesty unless you’re power walking the school run that will have limited impact – although obviously walking is better than driving!

      Come along to Buggies.. It’s a fab way to exercise and there is NOTHING to feel guilty about as it’s affordable and you don’t need childcare!!

      Liz xxx


  2. Hi sorry commented in #RMR as thought this was an older post that you were now putting in . Yes it really dose hurt when you fall over especially when running, and little ones are always running around my son is covered in cuts and bruises luckily he dose the same at nursery otherwise we’d look dodgy … Keep up the good work 😉 hills love them not good but love to go up up up and doooown ….


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