Revisiting my first post baby parkrun…. fun?

My thoughts on reflection of my first post baby parkrun – 6th October 2013!

I did it! First post baby parkrun done.. And was it fun?

I deliberately didn’t blog yesterday as I needed to get my head around how I actually felt about it. Firstly, thanks to the lovely Sarah (you know who you are) and a fab lady called Kim from Lordshill Road Runners for getting me round. I can’t actually be sure that without them, I wouldn’t have escaped Southampton Common and headed for a coffee at The Bellemoor! Don’t ever be fooled into thinking that the Common is flat…. it’s not!

But I did it. I came in at position 397 and took 36  minutes. This is at least 3 minutes per mile slower than I would have liked and definitely nearer the back than I wanted to be (although not last so not all bad!). I guess on the positives, it’s done, I can only improve and my post baby body held up for the duration.

In the queue to get my time logged I cried. Not with pride at having finished but with disappointment that it was so much harder than I had hoped and prayed. Of course I should look at the positives, I ran LOADS more than I walked, I didn’t have any ‘oops moments’, I didn’t vomit at the end despite feeling like I would and I had a lovely chat with Kim who’s daughter had a baby two days before Flo arrived.

How do I feel about it a day on? I still hate that it felt so hard, running’s my ‘thing’ and it wasn’t meant to be this hard to get started again. I ache – my quads are killing me, my core is lacking any notable strength so I can feel an ache in my abs I haven’t had for years! But I’ve done it, it can’t ever be that hard again and maybe next time I’ll have a little something left for that sprint finish you mentioned Sarah!

In the meantime, I might just pop along to Sweatshop’s Monday night run and give 5km another go!


1 thought on “Revisiting my first post baby parkrun…. fun?”

  1. Well I think you’re just brilliant! I can’t imagine how hard it must have been as I don’t have children but I can imagine it’s a huge thing. Everything has changed, your body took over NINE MONTHS to adequately prepare and nurture a small baby. To then run afterwards – whatever time you achieve – is amazing. You give me hope for when I finally decide to pop one out 😉


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