Endure24 – a slightly delayed overview

Endure24 sign

I’m writing this with the benefit of rose tinted hindsight specs having headed straight for a week in the sun not less than 24 hours after the mudfest that was Endure24 2014! This is simply the overview.. I have SO many posts in mind coming from the whole experience…. so here goes..

It’s the last weekend in June. The weather has been, mostly, hot and sunny for the last few weeks. And it’s finally THAT weekend.

‘That’ weekend which, at the time I signed up, felt like forever away.

For the unfamiliar, Endure24 is a 24 hour endurance race which takes place on the Wasing Estate, Aldermaston, West Berks. The route is a five mile trail which is beautiful, if a bit undulating. You can run as an individual, pair or a selection if team formats. The aim, to complete as many laps in 24 hours as possible..

I entered as one of a team of 8. One of four teams from Hedge End Running Club.. Hedge End also had one amazing, solo entrant!

Team 4 Endure24

Endure24 fell on the same weekend as Wimbledon’s middle weekend, Glastonbury & the Goodwood Festival of Speed.. This, of course, meant that beautiful, sunny, warm June came to an abrupt halt and the heavens opened!

We were fortunate that an advance party had gone ahead on Friday with the tents and set up a fabulously located camp. All four HERC teams were together and close to the edge of the track meaning we could offer all our runners the usual Hedgie support.

Within a couple of hours of arriving on Saturday , the sun disappeared and the heavens opened. Not what I’d had in mind!

As it turns out, it was a truly brilliant 24 hours. As always the Hedgie team spirit was incredible and we must surely have been the noisiest supporters there!

Yes, there was mud. Yes, there was rain. Yes, there were chemical loos (yeuch)! But more than anything there was bucket loads of fun, support and (happy) tears.

Muddy shoes


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