Looking back to December 2013 – A running #wardrobefail

This is a post from my old business website but I thought it’d be nice to revisit it..

10 star jumps, a few squats, over head reaches and some on the spot running…. Yep, pretty sure these are the trousers that stay up (I have two identical pairs – one stay up the others don’t… I’ve snipped the label of one pair but can’t remember if it’s in the do or don’t ones!!). Start Garmin, close front door & off I go…

Approximately 25 paces later I have already hiked my trousers up at least 28 times and pulled my top down to ensure my modesty is protected… and nobody is traumatised by me inadvertently flashing my ‘jelly belly, mum tum, blamanche-esque muffin top’ at them!

I’m tempted – I could nip home and change but then what is the likelihood of me actually coming back out again? After all, it is wet and windy and there is SOOO much to do at home with Christmas coming… Nope, I’ll persevere!

Cue at least a mile and a half of me repeatedly yanking up my trousers, pulling my top down and just generally faffing whilst wondering if the strange feeling behind me was just my knickers slipping down inside my trousers or me full on mooning to passing traffic!

Eventually I got to a point where I was sweaty enough and had been rained on sufficiently that my clothes were no longer moving, just clinging unattractively – the trousers having folded themselves over at the waistband and tucked themselves neatly under my mum tum.. Oh the utter despair each time I caught a glimpse of myself as I passed a shop window!

Note to self – these rather old trousers are NOT suited to running and in fact, probably shouldn’t see the light of day ever again!

And so to the run… the training plan required 60 minutes of undulating running. Route (sort of) planned I got to what I thought was half way and realised I needed to add another mile at least. A quick mental reroute and I carried on.. Whilst making my way slowly up one particularly long and painful hill it struck me that ‘undulating’ really depends on your perspective… to me the hills I ran up and down today were hills… to others they may have just been small inclines over which I was making much ado for no reason.

My revised route finally saw me cover almost 7 miles in 70 minutes so pace & distance wise I’m happy. However, I did have a few spells of walking and I’m kicking myself as to why. My legs felt ‘ok’ and my breathing was fine yet mentally I’m telling myself “You’ve flown through those last two miles, a walk won’t hurt”…?????

And tackling hills is a constant challenge. On interval sessions I can do them because I know it’s a shortish session and after X number of reps I’m done. Yet on a longer run I can’t decide whether to go slow and steady or push through at my normal pace. Slow and steady makes the hills even longer and pushing through means I reach the top with legs that are simultaneously jelly & lead!

While I work that out, and keep planning hilly runs runs to test myself, I would love to hear about your #wardrobefails. And if you can recommend a decent pair of running tights that can contain my rebellious mum tum, please let me know!


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