Happy Holiday..

Eeek, the time has come!

Endure24 is behind me (just!) and we’ve arrived in Lanzarote.

As much as we need this holiday, I have been completely and utterly dreading it. On a good day, I can just about tolerate wearing summer clothes at home. But now I have to wear a swimsuit… In public!

I cannot describe the horror this fills me with. Despite training pretty hard, watching my diet (80% of the time) and focusing on additional core work, my middle is getting bigger. I know I cannot possibly be pregnant so feel utterly desperate about things. I actually found myself in the shower thinking, ‘I could just cut all this off, that’d solve things’…

And so, day one of the holiday.. A horrifically early start means we have been here since about midday.. And I’ve pretty much avoided being outdoors for most of that time.. I put my swimmers on but had a total meltdown at the prospect of actually going out looking like this.. Even Phil can’t bring himself to offer positive reassurances – fake or otherwise!

How can I avoid exposure on day two? This I fear will not be so easy!


1 thought on “Happy Holiday..”

  1. 😦 Enjoy your holiday! Don’t worry about what you might or might not look like – you’re body has given you beautiful children. I can promise you that people are probably more concerned about what they look like themselves than what you look like. Don’t let it mar your time to relax and enjoy yourself x


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