A little lust list

Somehow, whenever a group of girls get together, at some point chat will turn to men.. Sometimes moaning about the ones we have and often dreaming about our own little Lust List…

Even before I had kids I wasn’t that great on the latest movie stars or musicians. Not for lack of interest but I have never been very good at remembering who’s who in the celebrity world!

However, I do have my own little list of of hotties I wouldn’t kick out of bed on a frosty morning! So here goes….

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Cain Dingle (don’t laugh – Emmerdale is my only soap indulgence and I know how uncool that is!).. Firstly, have you seen him without his shirt on?! And secondly, who doesn’t like a bad boy who can’t help but be a softy for the ladies in his life?

Pierce Brosnan – generally I’d think he’s just a bit too smooth but as Bond.. Hello!!

Captain Jack Sparrow – yeah the pirate more than the actor! I can’t say why but there is something deliciously attractive about this permanently slightly drunk, completely bonkers fictitious pirate!

Noel Gallagher – he’s just too cool..

Bruce Willis – maybe not so much these days but certainly in the Die Hard days I’d have been happy for him to rescue me. Who could resist that bemused, reluctant hero always in the wrong place at the wrong time? Have you seen that twinkle in his eyes??!!

Who’d be your top five?


1 thought on “A little lust list”

  1. Hmm not sure about your list! 😉
    Mine is: Clive Owen, Leo DiCap (young and old), that dark haired guy from Vampire Diaries who was also in Lost, so cliched by Brad Pitt… Maybe Jamie Oliver (shhh! Everyone loves a good meal!)


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