A really short word yet it conjures up a myriad of different things for different people. I’d put money on yours and my ideas of home being poles apart. I’d even go so far as to say that no two people have exactly the same idea of the ideal home – that’s evidenced by the number of couple you see have ‘healthy debates’ in DIY shops!

For some, home quite literally is, where the heart is.. For me, it should be a calm haven offering some kind of respite from the madness of day to day life that sees me juggling two young children, full time work, a husband and a hobby. I say it should be because in my dreams my ideal home would look something like this….

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In reality home is a project. Granted it’s not the biggest project it could be and we are making progress but I’m not sure I’ll ever achieve my ideal and sometimes it’s hard not to admit defeat and move somewhere already a bit closer to ideal!

Currently, in reality home is bursting at the seams with brightly coloured plastic toys, junk modelling (YAY!!), glittering works of art (DOUBLE YAY!!) and deadly pieces of stray lego lurking to cripple you if you take one wrong step. The utility room-in-waiting is buried under a ton of ‘stuff’ that we need to either sell or take to the tip. Venture into the kitchen and you’ll find a dated kitchen, cracked sink and holey flooring.. Upstairs brings more chaos of toys randomly strewn about the place, accompanied by a bathroom is desperate need of replacement and the disarray that is evidence of a hectic family life where nobody is still for more than two seconds – unless they’re asleep!

Sometimes I wish I could embrace the mess and the fact that it’s evidence that the kids live, play and have fun there. I’m sure I’d feel much happier if I could. But in reality I am my Father’s daughter and that means dust and disorder drive me NUTS!


*All pictures taken from Pinterest


2 thoughts on “Home…..”

  1. This is one of my big fears for having kids. Mess. Stickiness. Lack of control. It’s hard enough with Ben and his ever increasing pile of washing round his side of the bed, thinking I can’t see it…I’d love a minimalist house with white everything, but with a dog white is not a good colour!!


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