Give yourself a round of applause – I did!

Saturday 21st June was the Women’s Running 10km in Southampton.. And seriously, if you ran it, give yourself a round of applause. That was a tough race!

Not only was it very hot – made worse by the late start time of 11am, but it was a fairly tough course. That incline straight up through The Common is a killer so doing it two & a half times is physically & mentally tough!

Personally I had a shocker! I’d planned to stay with the 55 minute pacer to try and get close to my Eastleigh 10km time.. I lost her about 4.5km and then got passed by the 60 minute pacer at 8km.. I finished bang on 60 minutes and am starting to think my 53:59 at Eastleigh was a mistake in their timing!!!

Time aside, I experienced immense humiliation! There I was running up through the centre of The Common when a clapping sound got my attention.. It seemed to be coming from me but I couldn’t work it out.. It wasn’t my race number, I didn’t have my vas & car key tapping together in my shorts pocket… Maybe it was a stone in the bottom of my shoe..

Then it dawned on me. My lovely new shorts had ‘adjusted’ themselves slightly – with the help of my mumtum – and the clapping I could hear was, in fact, my stomach… Oh the abject horror & humiliation! Ok, it wasn’t visible but I KNEW what was going on. And with every step there was an audible reminder that I’m still so very far from being in shape! Suddenly all the progress I thought I’d made with taming the godforsaken tummy melted away (unlike the offending tummy!).

It has not made for a happy post race weekend!!

On a positive note, I had a brilliant final 200m racing a lady called Shirley. She was over the moon at her finish time and that we’d had such a fabulous push to the finish. Fellow Hedgie Claire came in first & the Hedgies retain their crown as the friendliest, most supportive club.. We got some strange looks from another club when we were madly screaming our runners home!

A day on and my legs ache like I’ve run a half!! Thankfully it was a good medal & goody bag.. It goes some way to make up for the harsh personal realities and dodgy sunburn I’ve had to deal with!!





2 thoughts on “Give yourself a round of applause – I did!”

  1. You definitely deserve a round of applause! It was a stupidly hot weekend. I ran on Sunday and ran at least 30 secs slower per mile because of the heat. It’s annoying because you feel like you’re doing the same effort as if you were going much faster but in reality you’re not. Don’t beat yourself up – I think you did fantastically!


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