Food, glorious food!

I love food.. I wish I was someone who eats to live but sadly I live to eat! And that’s a great motivator for running!

Over the years I’ve been lucky to have eaten in some fabulous places. Here are some of my favourites…

Aqua – Hong Kong


One of the coolest places I have ever eaten has to be Aqua in Hong Kong. At the time we visited it was rated as the sexiest place in the world to eat.. and it was pretty spectacular. The cocktails, the service, the atmosphere and the food was totally outstanding.

picture courtesy of
picture courtesy of

While I was pregnant with Lily I took Phil to Ramsay’s for a pre baby birthday treat. And what a treat it was. Elegant and understated, totally welcoming and relaxed with AMAZING food. Phil could probably recite what we had. I know that I had both shell fish and runny egg. Well, if you’re going to gamble on food poisoning whilst pregnant Ramsay’s is probably pretty low risk! The staff couldn’t have been more attentive or helpful and the post lunch tour of the kitchens where we met met Chef Clare Smyth topped the day off perfectly.

Reggina’s of Botley

More locally, when we get the opportunity to escape for a child free, totally grown up meal, we love Reggina‘s in Botley. The food is delicious, the ambience relaxed and the service impeccable. Nothing is ever too much trouble.. Whether you’re after a relaxed pizza or something a little more special, Reggina’s won’t disappoint. Oh, and the desserts are pretty good too so leave room!

The Robin Hood

Another local favourite of ours is The Robin Hood in Durley. Not only do they serve brilliant food and wine, they are family friendly and the garden is perfect for kids to let off steam whilst the grown ups chat! We’ve been to a number of events including a summer garden party and a Christmas Eve party, as well as heading there for lunch or dinner with friends and the atmosphere is always relaxed, friendly and buzzing.. a great place with, or without children.

Picture courtesy of afternoon
Picture courtesy of afternoon

A while ago now, before Afternoon Tea became quite as fashionable as it seems to be at the moment, I treated my Mum to Champagne Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester Hotel. Don’t be intimidated by the opulence or grandeur of the hotel. We had a fabulous time enjoying heavenly sandwiches and cakes (which just kept coming!) and of course lovely ‘real’ tea and a couple of glasses of fizz each. I’d love to go back… only a few years to wait until my girls can treat me!!

Afternoon Tea at Elsie’s

And last,but not least, there’s Elsie’s Tea Rooms in Botley. A small tea room on the edge of Botley serving gorgeous Afternoon Teas.. I took Lily there as a treat a few weeks ago – well, adapting to life as a big sister can be challenging – and we had a brilliant time. Funnily enough before I selected this image from my photos I checked out Google Images and up popped pictures of Anna The Apple and her husband, both fellow members of Hedge End Running Club and cake lovers!

Of course I have other favourites.. I love Thai food and have yet to find anywhere local that can out-do Mango Thai and we had some great food whilst in Mauritius and New York. As a dedicated eater I could probably have a blog just about food!

What about you? Where are your favourite places to eat and why?



2 thoughts on “Food, glorious food!”

  1. That Aqua place sounds fantastic! I’d love to go to Hong Kong or Japan. Just somewhere so completely different you know?
    Ahh the number of times I’ve been to Elsie’s now…it’s become a little bit too regular! I love it though (obviously).
    P.S Shouldn’t Phil have treated you!?


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