A few of my favourite things…

This post came to me as I was putting Flo to bed – you’ll see why as you read on.

I have many favourite things which, even if I forget them for a while, I always end up going back to..

They may be things I’d probably feel a little bit lost without, the things which have special memories attached, things I just NEED or finally things that just make me feel happy.

Lose those 'piggy eyes'
Lose those ‘piggy eyes’

Benefit ‘they’re real’ mascara.. I love this mascara, I absolutely can’t live without it! Perfect for widening my eyes on the bleariest of mornings and it never aggravates my contact lenses!


With 2 young children, a tendency to be quite heavy handed and no patience to wait for traditional nail varnish to dry I completely adore OPI Gelcolour.. Long lasting, instantly dry and in a gorgeous range of colours.

My make up bag essentials (amongst others but ALWAYS including these) are my mascara as previously mentioned, Lancome Hydra Zen – perfect for smoothing out my skin tone and lighter than a full foundation and my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I’m not totally loyal to this fragrance as I have others that I love depending on my mood but Coco Mademoiselle is always my go to fragrance for special occasions.

The St Tropez mousse is a new addition. It had been so long since I last fake tanned that my previous favourite Fake Bake had gone off… In panic, and due to a stonking 1/3 off offer at Boots, I gave St Tropez a go.. The smell is much fresher than any of the other self tans I’ve used and the application mitt made it far easier to apply than the awful rubber gloves I was used to.. In my keenness to see a difference I triple coated which, in hindsight ,was a bit too much and meant I accompanied Lily at Junior Parkrun looking a little on the Oompa Loompa side of tanned! However, once it had toned down I was really pleased with the results and will be deploying it again very soon!



My Mulberry bag (which needs company!), along with my entire bag collection, plus my shoe collection (not just the blue ones modelled by Lily!) are up there amongst my favourite things. You see, shoes and bags are reliable – whether you’re having a fat day, a bad hair day or a great day, shoes and bags never let you down!

I just adore my Links of London charm bracelet. Each charm is significant and precious – from the Tiffany cross which was my first Christmas present from Phil, to the girls’ initials and Lily’s fingerprint. I need to get Flo’s fingerprint done and will probably do this in the next couple of months.. But if anyone’s ever at a loss of a present for me… there’s room for a few more charms!

Don’t read too much in to the CD’s pictured.. These are just a random sample of the ones currently in circulation.. But in general, when I can get away from playing nursery rhyme CD’s, I love all sorts of music. As long as I can play it loud (really loud) and sing along it’s all good. I love the way music invokes memories or can completely change your mood.

Peaceful Flo
Peaceful Flo

I don’t think there is anything more peaceful, pure or beautiful than watching a child sleep. This just happens to be Flo, but whether it’s her or big sister Lily, the results are the same. It puts me utterly at rest to see my girls sleeping peacefully.


And these last two….I don’t know a single Mum who wouldn’t ‘get’ the need for Calpol and Neurofen.. They truly are miracles in a bottle… and if all else fails, there’s my monthly Virgin Winebank subscription.. The interest rate is better than any bank account (they give me £5 for every £25 I pay in) and the wines are all divine. I’d highly recommend giving them a go but before you do, give me a shout so I can refer you!

So there’s a few of my favourite things.. What are yours?


2 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things…”

  1. I love that Benefit mascara! It really is the best isn’t it?
    And Mulberry!!! I love Mulberry handbags. Luckily my mum has the same affinity so I get her off castes! So expensive though 😦


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