A point well made!

So, picture the scene. It’s early in the new year, your life has been less than sparkly shiny for a fair while. You desperately need to take some time out from everything and get your head together. But being the highly responsible, completely dependable (and dull) person you are, you can’t just clear off for a week in the sun. So what do you do?

Well, some might book a holiday for a future point, maybe enlist childcare and have a spa day, get a babysitter and hit the town with your girlfriends…. Me? None of the above!

In my infinite wisdom (and after a copious amount of wine!), I committed myself to taking part in a 24 hour running relay race – Endure24!

Endure24 image

In January, the end of June felt a long way in the future – I’d make the time to train and what an amazing thing to do before the dreaded 40th later this year..

I signed up without consulting anyone… possibly the single most irresponsible thing I’ve ever done! In my head, what I’d done was make a totally independent decision to take a weekend to myself without considering my responsibilities. In reality, whilst ‘making a stand’ what I’d actually done was commit to running somewhere in the region of 20 miles in a 24 hour period whilst camping between runs! Go me!! As one of my new colleagues quite rightly pointed out that there were possibly better ‘stands’ I could have taken!

And here we are, less than 2 weeks to go.. nerves kicking in but I know it’ll be amazing. Team 4 are a great bunch of people and I can’t wait for that buzz of achievement on completing the event… and the medal is great apparently too!

However, next time I want to make a point I think I’ll think things through a bit first!

Graphic courtesy of Endure24


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