A rare day to myself…..

Phew, so there was me thinking that I had a day off with just a couple of ‘getting ready for school’ sessions to go to for my eldest who starts school in September..

I’ll cut the grass, clean the car, prepare dinner……

Well, that might well have been the theory.. And in fact, I even intended to catch a nap to make up for the horrific run of lost sleep this week.. But actually time has just run away!

As I type, it is 3pm and I am just about starting to sort myself out something to eat.. the first chance I’ve had all day. Yet, on reflection, I don’t seem to have achieved much today.. I have put the washing out, tidied the kitchen, been to a pre school ‘preparing you little one for school’ session, taken Lily to a settling in session at her soon to be school and had a small breakdown when I made the grave error of looking in our ‘office’ with half an idea I’d tidy it!

This evening we are babysitting our nephews and hosting an event planning meeting for the Hedge End Running Club Rainbow Relay charity fundraiser taking place in July.. More runners needed so please sign up!!

Thankfully tomorrow, it’s all back to normal.. And I’ll be heading back to work for a rest!!!


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