Monday Musings

I’ve noticed today that a number of blogs I follow have rebranded or relaunched over the weekend. Given that I’ve just done exactly the same it made me wonder why.

Traditionally the new year, or even the spring, is a time for revamping, reinventing or renewing.. But I wonder if the change in weather and the advent of sunnier days could be behind people’s urge to refresh now, half way through the year.

This morning I read a really heart rending account of someone’s battle with post natal depression – in fact, more specifically, Post Partum Psychosis. If you fancy a read check it out. It’s a really frank, and amazingly brave account of her battle to get help and recognition of her condition. If I wore a hat, I would absolutely take it off to Eve for her strength and drive to make a difference to the way PND and PP are perceived.

And so to this blog.. My previous blog was largely related to my work but as I have completely changed direction, this will be a more personal blog. This feels pretty scary as I’ll be putting myself ‘out there’.. But hopefully it’ll be a marginally interesting read from time to time! Let’s go!


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